Mia Italia Bathroom | About
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Mia Italia Bathroom, Pesaro company specialized in the production of furniture for the bathroom, it is the expression of Milko Candelaresi  that wanted to fulfill a dream and a passion, to create products where the tradition and the culture of furniture and Italian star.

The strong will to pursue this goal, combined with the passion, craftsmanship and tradition of 30 years, joined to the constant combined with new manufacturing technologies, allowed to create unique products with a unique mission, let the world know, the tradition, culture and quality of bathroom furniture 100% Made in Italy.

And this is the “mission” of Mia Italia, be Italian flag of values. And ‘The desire to produce bathroom cabinets that are the result of an authentic search of Italian design and the result of processing and manufacturing of the most sought after and Italian manufacturers.

The design of each set of furniture is designed and made in Italy and is like a story, it is a refined elegance own game of Italian style, where every detail describes first of all an experience, a memory. The furniture, accessories, mirrors live their presence not only in function, but in giving the person the joy of using it every day. This own dimension of design that takes place in Mia Italia is the highest of authentic Italian design evolution.

The manufacture of each piece of furniture is an example of the most noble tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Each piece is, in its various traits that it is a lacquer, rather than a woodworking, rather than the various metal or glass elements, demonstration of virtuosity and sensitivity that goes beyond the ‘external appearance and gives it all’ It works that uniqueness and the value that you can only find in the most authentic Italian artistic tradition.

Mia Italia produced each set of furniture is a unique product, numbered, a product that comes from passion, made with love and dedicated to people who want to be surrounded not only functional furniture but especially of “beauty” as the broadest sense of the term. Mia Italia with its furniture makes you live sensations, images and suffering experienced. Those who approach these mobile recognizes the features, sharing them and making them his own, and then live them every day in everyday life.

Mia Italia bathroom is a reality in international growth. Its international presence in more established showrooms the protagonist in the countries of North America, as in Russia and the Middle East countries. Quality and service are the basis of the activities to support the marketing of products. Each piece of furniture is followed by its implementation to its delivery and in the post sales service. The selected delears are partners in a relationship that tends to make the most of the knowledge and experience of “beauty”.